Friday, October 29, 2010

My new Baby Puppies!!

So early On Monday morning we got some new additions to mine and James little Family... We have 9 little puppies!! It started out with 1o, 5 little girls, and 5 little boys... Then on Tuesday one of the little girls wasn't doing very well.. James actually named her Daisy, so James and I brought Daisy in and started to bottle feed her and kept her wrapped up in a little blanket so that she would stay warm, I thought that might do the trick, but looking at her stomach you could tell she had been hurt some how... We think that Lilly may have accidentally laid on or something of that sort and after about 3:30 am Wednesday morning of this little puppy crying and not wanting to eat I decided I should get some sleep so I put her out next to her mom so she would stay warm and was hoping for the best, and I thought we were good, when I went to check on her at 6am she was eating off her mom, and then about 20 mins later James checked on her and she had passed away. :(
I know they're just little dogs and usually all the puppies in the litter don't normally live but I had a really hard time and I cried most the morning.. I'm sure James was wishing he didn't tell me, but so James wrapped up my little Daisy and we sent her away sweetly.. (James is amazing) It's been very tiring to have these little puppies but they'll be worth it in the end...I'm just so greatful my husband has his own company so that he is able to keep me feeling okay about leaving them when I'm at work, because he can check in every so often to satisfy me until I get home or someone is home to make sure the puppies and my dog Lilly are doing good. :)
I love this picture! They kept crawling up to cuddle under their mommies ear.. There are three little puppies there.
This puppy is a chunk!
This is our tired little mommy with her little ones around her.
That's all 10 of them!

Day 5 of our 9 little puppies

Here are some of our boys.. I swear the one on the right is always eating!! He's a porker!
Three of our little girls, they were all sleeping by
eachother :)
That little puppy is our little Sadie. We noticed Sadie wasn't eating very well on Wednesday and was starting too look a lot smaller than the other puppies... So James called Brother Bishop in his ward (who is a vet) and asked him what can we do for this little puppy because I was being emotional again because I couldn't
handle loosing another puppy... And Brother Bishop told us that puppies normally when they're smaller and they're the runt don't fight to eat and if they're cold all they will do is try to get warm.... Well that was all Sadie was doing, so we took his advice to use a heating pad and to bottle feed her until she was ready to eat off her mom and to keep an eye on her.. So that is what we've been doing.. We got up almost every hour for a few mins to make sure she was still in the heating pad and to see if she needed to eat some more since she was only eating 1tsp every time we fed her until about 4 am and then I couldn't take getting up anymore and I found out my husband is a grumpo if you wake him up during the night (he's totally a morning person though) so I put her down with her mom to stay warm and to be able to get some sleep since I had been up so much during the night with her and then I got up at about 7 got Sadie warm fed her again and then went and slept till about 9am... Well I kept checking on her and she was still looking to get warm so I brought her in and just had her on the heating pad all afternoon while I got ready and then I went to work and while I was at work I got a phone call from James... (I was really reluctant to answer the phone because I didn't want to hear any bad news about this other little puppy) but I went and answered it anyway and James surprised me by letting me know that my little Sadie had started to eat off her mom!! She is starting to do so much better but as you can tell by the picture she's tiny compaired to this other puppy.. Granted this boy puppy is one of the biggest puppies out of the litter but still.. I'm so excited!! She's still doing so well I still check on her about every 2 sometimes 3 hours to make sure she is still doing okay and she seems to be doing great! She's a fiesty puppy she has been fighting for the nipple she wants which sometimes I have to help her if she's eating at the same time as the bigger puppies but for the most part she is starting to hold her own which is making me feel so much better! So hopefully we'll get to keep all 9 puppies and wont have any problems with them dying in the future weeks to come until we sell them.. Which they will be ready to go into homes the week of Christmas! :)
This is another fat boy....
Little Sadie with her amazing new
This is Duke.. He's the father of all these puppies! He's really confused on why he doesn't have his buddy out in the yard with him right now.. But for the most part he's doing pretty good.. James and I couldn't have asked for better dogs, I had no idea that
Coonhounds would be such good dogs! I read reviews and thought people were exaggerating about how good these dogs are with kids and people but all the reviews I read couldn't be more true! Both of our dogs are so good with kids we've never had a problem with them, and Lilly minds so well! (which is nice for me since she's big, and I'm not strong enough to handle a 65lbs dog) She's also an awesome running partner! Were still working with Duke :) he listens great for James but for me he's still learning which is okay I'm just glad I have my own dog :) James and I love our dogs and honestly they're both so cute and it's like you can read what they're thinking sometimes and it just makes you laugh.. I love they're personality's they're just so lovable and fun! Also for all you hunters... They make great hunting dogs :)