Monday, February 18, 2013

Pound the Pavement for Parenthood: Matt & Stephanie Purcell

Pound the Pavement for Parenthood: Matt & Stephanie Purcell: To Register or Donate, To We met in September 2007 during my first semester of college. After class one day, Matt walked me to my car an...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Family Pictures

 We had Family picture's taken for Wyatt's year mark.. And HE WOULDN'T smile at all for the guy who was taking our pictures.. In infact there was a few times he started to cry but later on in our session a lady was able to come over and help out and got some cute smiles from my little guy.. He's so funny when it comes to men.... He doesn't really like them and he especially does not like them if they have a beard! Our photographer had both... So needless to say we were very glad he got his co-worker to help him get a smile outta Wyatt while he hid behind the camera.. We were even more grateful they were so good to us and our picky people child...

Wyatt's 1st Birthday

 Wyatt Turned 1 on March 17th! I know this post is super late but I just wanted to show a few/lots of pictures of how we celibrated his 1st birthday! I love that his birthday in on            St. Patricks day it makes it really easy for decorating :)
 I love this little Cowboy!
 Cowboy Cake, and signs I made special for Wyatt's Birthday
 Cowboy cake Aunt Megan made.. She makes awesome TASTY cakes!! Aunt Megan's yummy cakes!
 Got this idea off of a picture from Pinterest.. Not sure where anymore though
 Dad with his 1yr old!!
 Grandpa Stroud came to visit all the way from Texas for Wyatt's special day!
 Wyatt's Special New Truck he got, he also got a slide and for some reason I never got a picture of it on his birthday...
 Birthday boy chair!
 Leprechaun Treasure Hunt all the kids at the party got to go on and ended up with a yummy treat bag of goodies!
 More of the decorations
 All these cuties are almost the same age!! Wyatt 1, Keegan 18 months, Corbyn 8 Months.

 New Wranglers and Rope for his birthday
 Wrangler butts drive me nuts :) His is pretty freakin cute!

 Wyatt was a little shy when all the attention was on him..

 He loves CAKE!

 and Ice cream, he had a major sugar overload that day..
 Wyatt slept in his St. Patricks day jammies that Grandma made for me, and when he woke up he got to play in the mess of his decorations.. And he loved it!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween fun!

 So a few weeks ago my  mom and sister's had a girls night and made these cute little crafts!! I got the idea for the Mummies off 
and when My sister and I went to the craft store to get our supplies I saw a cute little Witch hat! Like the one on the left and I decided it would be fun to make a Witch out of a 2X4 too.. So I bought the little purple boa and some sparkly netting to go on the hat and body and we were trying to come up with another thing we could make and BreAnn Came up with
making a Frankenstien... So next we went to The Wood Connection, because BreAnn knew they had cute little orange straw that we could use for Witch's hair, and we saw some knobs there that we used for the Frankenstein head, and they had a frankenstien head there that had wire for the mouth so we decided we wanted to do that too! We also had some leather fabric at home and the little brads to put on the leather to make it look like a jacket... They were pretty easy and so much fun to make!
I had to make my mom's Witch too and this is what I came up with..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heber Rodeo!

So I'm a little slow... But a couple weeks ago James and I decided we wanted to go to the Heber Rodeo so we bought tickets and My parents and BreAnn, Mason, & Keegan came with us! It was a lot of fun.. James and I started out our day by going up to Heber in the early afternoon, and because the rodeo didn't start until 7, we decided to drive around and get ICE CREAM! We found a place that makes home made ice cream with a few different flavors and it tasted sooooo good!! We both decided any time we go through Heber were stopping there! Later that evening there was a Parade that started at 5 and we stayed and watched part of the parade and one of the floats was giving our popsicles and James got one for him self and ended up letting Wyatt eat it all! He loved it!! The Rodeo was a lot of fun and we ended the night with Fire Works! Which was great since we were out of town for the 4th of July..

Wyatt's new hat that his Grandpa bought him at the Rodeo!

Grandpa and Keegan looking at the Horses!

Wyatt and his Dad! Looking at the Arena and all the horses trotting around.

Aunt BreAnn, and Uncle Mason

I had to put a few of us up because we all weren't looking at the same time..

Dad took Wyatt down because he was being Fussy and Wyatt was looking out at the Arena at what was going on most the time.. I couldn't get a very good picture, but I thought it was pretty cute..