Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wyatt James Stroud's Baby Shower :) I

So these past few months have been crazy!! Just recently my Mother in law and Aunt Corilee gave me a baby shower for mine and James little boy that is due April 2nd... But I'm hoping comes much sooner than that because I can't handle being pregnant anymore, it's not fun having a belly that you forget about and it just gets in the way of so many things! Here are a few picture's from the Baby shower :)
This is the Sign that my Mom made me for Wyatt's Room
This is my freaking delicious cake for the baby shower I love the
way that it looks! It's so cute!! My Aunt Corilee ordered it for me
and she got cupcakes to go with and let me tell you...
Everyone that didn't get to eat one
is missing out big time!! It was so delicious!!

So on Friday morning I was cleaning my apartment
because for some reason I just felt the need that
I should clean my bathroom and kinda straighten
a little bit since my home was messy... Well when
ever I clean the bathroom I have to take a shower
right after because it makes me feel dirty... So i'm in
the shower and I hear banging on the door, so when
I got finished I decided to goto the door in my towell
because I figured it must be a package someone left
so I'll just grab the note off the door... I look outside and
nope it's not a note saying I have a package, it's a little
baby car seat with a note on top of the blanket that's
covering this cute little child inside saying "Please take care of me"
Well I couldn't walk outside in my towel to get this baby seat
and I was thinking "Who the crap leaves a baby on an
apartment door step and how am I supposed to take care
of this baby, plus have my own, and take care of my own"
So I shut the door, ran to my room threw some clothes on
and I hear a knock at the door again.... So I'm thinking to
my self "I'm going to catch this psycho that's leaving
their kid on my door step" I walked out to find... My MOM,
Carmen, Jodi, and BreAnn standing at the bottom of my staircase
laughing.. They came to Arizona just for my baby shower!! It
made my year to have them here for me at my shower!
I'm so glad they came and Keegan is just so stinking cute I
didn't get to hold him enough though...

This was a cute diaper cake that Stacy, one of my hair clients
made for me. It's sitting in Wyatt's room still on display, I had
another one at the shower from Nikki that was really cute as
well but my sister didn't get a chance to take a picture of her's
before it got put in my car to take home.

The gorgeous/yummy Cake and Cupcakes