Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween fun!

 So a few weeks ago my  mom and sister's had a girls night and made these cute little crafts!! I got the idea for the Mummies off 
and when My sister and I went to the craft store to get our supplies I saw a cute little Witch hat! Like the one on the left and I decided it would be fun to make a Witch out of a 2X4 too.. So I bought the little purple boa and some sparkly netting to go on the hat and body and we were trying to come up with another thing we could make and BreAnn Came up with
making a Frankenstien... So next we went to The Wood Connection, because BreAnn knew they had cute little orange straw that we could use for Witch's hair, and we saw some knobs there that we used for the Frankenstein head, and they had a frankenstien head there that had wire for the mouth so we decided we wanted to do that too! We also had some leather fabric at home and the little brads to put on the leather to make it look like a jacket... They were pretty easy and so much fun to make!
I had to make my mom's Witch too and this is what I came up with..